IntelliSense™ Bale Automation From New Holland Revolutionizes Large Square Baler Industry

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IntelliSense™ Bale Automation From New Holland Revolutionizes Large Square Baler Industry


New Holland is steering toward autonomous baling with the introduction of IntelliSense™ Bale Automation. The first technology of its kind, IntelliSense Bale Automation pushes the boundaries of baling innovation and transforms the way customers and operators approach large square baling by delivering a complete automated baling system.

“With laser precision and real-time adjustments, the IntelliSense Bale Automation system changes the way we navigate fields,” says Brad Littlefield, precision marketing manager, dairy and livestock segment for New Holland. “For large square baling operations, it’s an indispensable asset for their future by improving bale harvesting while helping them meet the operational demands of the evolving agricultural landscape with confidence.”

Lasering in on Windrows With Precision

At its core, IntelliSense Bale Automation provides operators with a complete automated baling system focused on feedrate and swath guidance. It achieves this by combining two operator-assisted baling modes:

SmartSteer™ swath guidance acts as autosteering for precise navigation of the tractor and baler along the windrow. This mode allows hands-free driving when the swath is detected. Steering automation can be turned off and on at any time by the push of a button or movement of the steering wheel.

IntelliCruise II™ controls tractor speed, responding dynamically to variation in material feedrate into the baler. The operator sets the number of slices per bale target and the maximum speed limit. Once set, the baler will continuously adjust the forward speed to achieve the bale slices target.

The cornerstone of IntelliSense Bale Automation is the industry’s first LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology. Installed on the front end of a tractor cab roof, it emits laser pulses to calculate distance based on reflections from the windrow. The LiDAR measures swath cross-section and speed input to prevent overloads and forecast swath changes by detecting 19-26 feet ahead of the tractor, even in low-light or nighttime conditions. The LiDAR processor determines swath position and shape, relaying this information to the tractor’s ISOBUS steering.

Four Fenceposts Driving Profitability in the Field

With the IntelliSense Bale Automation system, New Holland aims to increase four elements critical to operations and operators: baling productivity, bale quality, fuel efficiency and operator comfort.

Increased baling productivity

The system increases operational productivity by ensuring constant high capacity without exceeding the limit. Baler blockages are prevented, ensuring continuous workflow and maximizing production time.

Improved bale quality

Bale quality is elevated by the system’s ability to eliminate crop leftovers. It also helps maintain a uniform bale shape through regular chamber filling and consistent weight to achieve a standardized bale weight at the desired target level.

Reduced fuel consumption

IntelliSense improves fuel efficiency by optimizing throughputs to reduce fuel consumption, while ensuring the tractor operates at peak performance.

Enhanced operator comfort

Operator comfort and use are central focuses of the system. Less experienced operators can maximize their output by relying on the automated guidance and feedrate control functions of the system. Traditional baling machinery in low-light environments can pose challenges for operators, affecting visibility and potentially compromising overall efficiency. Another standout benefit of IntelliSense’s LiDAR Technology is reducing operator fatigue during long harvesting days, especially at nighttime.

“The IntelliSense Bale Automation system is not only focused on output and the bottom line but stands out for its prioritization of operator well-being and safety,” Littlefield says. “At the heart of our design is a commitment to putting operators first and creating technology that addresses their most important needs for a seamless and productive experience.”

The IntelliSense Baler Automation system is compatible with Class 3 ISOBUS tractors — specifically, the T7 LWB, T7 HD and T8 from New Holland — and model year 2022 and model year 2023 New Holland BigBaler Large Square Balers.

Starting in 2025, customers will have the opportunity to place orders for the IntelliSense Bale Automation system as a factory-fit option. Immediate integration for the system is available now as a New Holland dealer-installed accessory option.

For more information, visit or contact your local New Holland dealer.