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New Survey Reveals Moms Don't Know How Far Their Milk Travels From Farm To Glass

by National Milk Life Campaign

Posted on Thursday September 14, 2017, 2:01 pm

With farm-to-table foods, markets and restaurants popping up everywhere, it's no surprise more than three-quarters of moms are actively looking for locally sourced options when grocery shopping for themselves and their families, according to a new survey from the National Milk Life Campaign.1 As one of the original farm-to-table foods, milk often originates from dairy farms about 300 miles away from your grocery store2, and typically arrives in just 48 hours, on average, from many family-owned and operated dairy farms. Yet 77 percent of moms surveyed didn't realize how far their milk typically travels from farm to glass.

Moms may also have misconceptions about what happens after milk leaves the farm, including what is added to the farm-fresh beverage before it goes to consumers. More than one-third incorrectly believe preservatives are added to milk, and nearly 18 percent think sugar is added. In reality, milk is remarkably simple and contains just three ingredients – milk, vitamin A and vitamin D – and no added sugar. Another third of moms didn't know that pasteurization is the process that kills bacteria – extending milk's shelf life and keeping it fresher for longer, ensuring it's safe to drink.

To help moms and kids better understand where milk comes from, Milk Life is introducing a kid-friendly video series answering common questions about the farm fresh beverage. "Glass is in Session," launching today on Milk Life's YouTube channel, features fun and informative segments on everything from which cookies taste best with milk to how long it takes for milk to go from farm to grocery store. Interestingly enough, nearly two-thirds of moms think it takes anywhere from two days to more than a week for milk to travel from the farm to grocery stores.

"We know kids already love the taste of milk, and are becoming more and more interested in where their food comes from," said Julia Kadison, chief executive officer at MilkPEP, the group behind the Milk Life campaign. "That's why we're excited to spotlight milk's short journey from farm to glass through entertaining and educational videos that moms can watch with their kids."

"Glass is in Session" consists of six episodes and features a variety of expert guests, from popular mom and lifestyle blogger Clarissa Esquivel of My Wifestyles to award winning chef and restaurateur Giorgio Rapicavoli, to provide knowledgeable answers based on their own expertise.

"I've always loved the taste of milk – growing up, I drank it with almost every meal," said Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli. "Today, I use it as a foundational ingredient in many of my menu items, and even had the chance to visit the farm that supplies the milk for my restaurant and see where the wholesome, farm-fresh taste comes from."

The "Glass is in Session" content series is part of a larger integrated campaign effort, in both English and Spanish, to educate and debunk myths surrounding milk's farm-to-glass journey. Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli will appear as a guest judge on Food Network's Chopped Junior – a primetime spin-off series where talented junior chefs bring their energy and ambition to the Chopped kitchen – airing this August. The campaign will also feature materials for educators with Scholastic, a content partnership with Food52 and robust social media activation.

To learn more about the Milk Life Farm to Glass campaign and to watch the "Glass is in Session" video series, visit and Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.